About HEARTtalk

About HEARTtalk

“HEARTtalk offers inciteful interviews with top experts in the medical field dealing with challenging issues of heart health and with personalities who have made a difference in their own journey of facing the uncertainties of life,” says HEARTtalk host Dr Charles Lee. A Consultant Plastic Surgeon by profession, Charles had open heart bypass surgery in August 2011.

“Following heart surgery, I found myself searching the internet for answers to challenging questions regarding post-operative recovery, difficulty of making lifestyle changes, dietary changes, stress management, insomnia and advice on how to live with advanced coronary heart disease.”

HEARTtalk is unique because it is hosted by a doctor who is now a heart patient himself
Dr. Charles Lee

“Being a doctor and surgeon myself and with all the medical background I had, still I lived a life of self-denial. After undergoing open heart surgery, I decided that instead of searching the internet for answers to the challenging questions I was facing each day, I would ask the questions myself to the leading experts concerning heart health which will not only help me but also provide the answers other heart bypass patients are seeking on the same road of learning to live a better, healthier life.”

“HEARTtalk is unique because it is hosted by a doctor who is now a heart patient himself on a new journey of making the right choices for right living. The heart of the matter is a matter of the heart,” says Dr Charles Lee.

HEARTtalk conducts heart to heart interviews with heart surgeons, cardiologists, psychologists and personalities across the globe that embrace the shared goal of living a blessed healthy life in this world in their own professional and personal lives.