July 16: Zephaniah 3:19 I will save her that halteth. A reminder of The Wrath of God. The LORD’s anger rages against Jerusalem and the surrounding nations. 4 Principles of God’s Wrath enfolds before us: 1. The Judgement of God: Against All people and nations. Nothing will be left behind. No man, no animals, no birds, no fish will be left behind because of falling away from the love of God. 2. Repentance unto God: Yet in His anger, the LORD calls upon the meek and faithful to seek God and live. Seek refuge, seek righteousness, seek humility because the LORD will be awesome to His people because they put their trust in the Lord. God will purify their lips so they may worship Jehovah. 3. Pride Against God: Pride is the forerunner of destruction. Those that turn away and worship idols and stars and all other beings except God will be punished. 4. Reconciliation with God: The ultimate testimony of the Grace of God. Even in anger the LORD still forgives because of His unfailing love. The lame and meek will be saved. He who is last will be first.

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Praise the Lord!

Dr Charles Lee

Thank you for the 3 most important words -It’s a Command – to Praise the Lord!