Welcome to the 2022 APCOMM 1ST Virtual Consultation

2022 APCOMM 1st Virtual Consultation explores the life and mind of Christ in the marketplace and how to develop a mindful discipleship to Jesus of Nazareth through Christ-likeness. Includes topics of interest to business leaders, CEO’s, healthcare professionals, teachers, representatives of government, emerging entrepreneurs seeking to reshape their thinking and commitment to cultivating an authentic Christian mindfulness that bears fruit to God.

The Consultation Program includes Plenary sessions, Symposiums, Practical Mindfulness lessons focused on the spotlight theme for 2022: Mindful Discipleship through Christ-Likeness. 

The Christian mind is designed to imitate after the mind of Christ. Mindful Discipleship to Jesus of Nazareth begins with an authentic desire and intention to shape the attitude of the heart and mind through a Hebraic-Christian understanding of mindfulness. 

Developing the posture that learning is for life and life is for learning requires skills that are biblical and Christ-centered and mindfulness is one such tool that allows us to connect with self and God to better face the challenges in a post-pandemic world that is fractured, disrupted and full of evil distractions that pollute the mind.

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