Plastic Surgeon & Founder of APCOMM 2022 invites all Christians seeking to reshape their thinking and life in Christ to register for the 1st Asia Pacific Consultation On Marketplace Mindfulness (APCOMM 2022) from 30 April – 01 May. This 2 -day virtual consultation explores the life and mind of Christ and how mindful discipleship to Jesus of Nazareth leads to Christlikeness and abundant joyful, well-balanced lives.

APCOMM 2022 Register at

“Christian Mindfulness is simple awareness in ordinary life of the extraordinary presence of God in the present moment.” – Dr Charles Lee, founder APCOMM APCOMM 2022 brings together Christian mindfulness researchers, scientists, Hebraic-Christian scholars, theologians, marketplace professionals and clinical professionals to share cutting-edge insights into the Hebraic-Christian perspective and understanding of mindfulness practice that is authentic and life-transforming. The sole purpose of APCOMM is to enable Christians to become more Christ-Like, both in identifying the true Self-in-Christ, having more compassion to self and others and mindful living our God-given values in the workplace. The Consultation offers a spiritual path to help you integrate Christian faith and biblical mindfulness practice into your life.

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