The Centrality of Christ- by Rev Dr Kenneth Boa, President, Reflections Ministries, USA at the 3rd Asia Pacific Consultation On Discipleship in 2006 (APCOD 2006) Auckland, New Zealand.

The Centrality of Christ: Living Every Component of Life under the Lordship of Christ.

I The Compartmentalized Life II The Integrated Life


a) Biblical wisdom is the application of Truth in the Realities of Life so that it gives us the ability and power to choose the best means, at the best time, to accomplish the best ends. God gives wisdom to wise men and knowledge to men of understanding.

b) Wisdom is the key to a life of beauty, fulfillment and purpose.

c) True wisdom is gained by the fear of God, the foundation of wisdom.

d) Cultivating a ‘Heart of Wisdom’ is to have only 2 days in your calendar – Today and That Day when you stand before Christ.

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