Ling Anne Hsieh lived on the streets of Geylang Singapore pretending to be a prostitute but in her heart she was desperately seeking for a breakthrough that would ultimately result in Ling becoming ‘The Dar-Ling of The Unheard’ in Singapore’s community of the mentally challenged and the Co-Founder of Project Green Ribbon in Singapore. Transcript: I begin by saying “Thank You” to Singaporean Entrepreneur Eleen Ng, founder of EL Lifestyle Boutique, for prodding me on to source out the Voice behind Singapore’s Project Green Ribbon. From the early beginnings of living on the streets of Singapore’s Red Light District in Geylang where prostitutes earned their daily living, to now embarking on new beginnings of hope and light, this young ‘Lady With A Song’ has become ‘The DAR-Ling of The Unheard’, a voice for many in the community who suffer in silence enveloped in their own untold stories of the lostness of their soul that no one wants to stop and hear. In the words of Maya Angelou, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”, Ling Anne Hsieh has chosen to tell her story of living within the darkness of the labyrinth of her soul in despair and now stepping forward to make a difference in the lives of many in this community of people and at the same time heal the agony within her own soul. She believes that the art of healing comes with sharing her own life-story of overcoming mental trauma, and that others too will learn this art and be healed and set free to embark anew and live the dream of their lives. She has truly become ‘The DAR-Ling of the Unheard’ for two reasons: Firstly, i) DAR-ed – Ling dared to be different and make a difference, and secondly, ii) Ling took her DAR-kest moments and created a platform with floodlights that the world could see and change in its attitude towards the social stigma of mental health. Like ‘The Lady with A Lamp’ who brought healing and compassion to many at a time of distress in war, this ‘Lady with A Song’ brings joy and hope during a time of pandemic caused by an invisible enemy, and in my mind, she is Singapore’s Florence Nightingale with a song from her heart titled, “You Are Not Alone”. Ling Anne Hsieh is the Co-Founder of Project Green Ribbon (PGR), a Non-Profit / Non- Governmental (NGO) organization with a VISION To empower, educate every generation towards building mental resilience and eradicate Mental Health Stigma. It is 100% run by volunteers, people from all walks of life who come from within the community. Its PURPOSE – DRIVEN MISSION is to serve as a communication platform and a bridge for the unheard in building Mental Resilience, and Purposeful Lives for a better inclusive community and society. You can learn more and help support their initiatives at their Project website: #projectgreenribbon #lingannehsieh #geylang #geylandsingapore #streetliving #hearttalkdrcharleslee #mentalhealth #mindfulness #mentaltrauma #singaporeprostitute#selfawareness #selfcare

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