I have taken my top five profoundly amazing sound bites from my conversation “From Street Living to An Entrepreneur of Hope” with Singapore’s Dar-Ling of the Unheard, Ling Anne Hsieh, Co-Founder of Project Green Ribbon. You can hear the full conversation on: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6qBhRHy0t1SZwmGWK3blp4?si=HOdf_krxTiG3jzm9Gn-zmQ Ling Anne Hsieh is the Co-Founder of Project Green Ribbon (PGR), Non-Profit / Non-Governmental (NGO) organization with aVISION To empower, educate every generation towards building mental resilience and eradicate Mental Health Stigma. It is 100% run by volunteers, people from all walks of life who come from within the community. Its PURPOSE – DRIVEN MISSION is to serve as a communication platform and a bridge for the unheard in building Mental Resilience, and Purposeful Lives for a better inclusive community and society. You can learn more and help support their initiatives at their website: projectgreenribbon.org #hearttalkdrcharleslee #projectgreenribbon #lingannehsieh #geylang #mentalhealth #mindfulness #singaporeredlight #singaporeprostitute #redlightdistrict

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