Part 2 – ‘Know Your Heart’ is the national calling of this Award-winning Heart Transplant Surgeon Dr AGK Gokhale. The quest to bring this expertise of heart transplant surgery from Australia to India was the singular call of this cardiac surgeon’s own heart.

Dr AGK Gokhale is an award-winning Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon from Hyderabad, India who owns the highest distinction of performing India’s first heart-kidney combined transplant and received the fourth highest civilian award, The Padma Sri, in 2016.

Dr Gokhale is known for having performed more than 10,000 open-heart surgeries and 25 heart transplants (and still counting) in both adults and paediatrics.

Dr Gokhale speaks to HEARTtalk host Plastic Surgeon Dr Charles Lee on how to live a healthier and more heart-happier life.

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