A Conversation with Clinical Psychologist Dr Christine Runyan

Part 1 of 2: Dr Christine Runyan – The Un-Examined Life & The Power of Pause

My first Podcast was with a Clinical Psychologist in Sydney and her first words to me was “Be Kind To Yourself!” I was struggling with psychological issues after my own open heart bypass surgery. 9 years later, I am still seeking the right solution on how to do just that – How to be kind to myself! and lo and behold I recently happen to hear another Clinical Psychologist Christine Runyan on the On Being Podcast and I was fascinated at her explanation of the mind-body connection and how this has been DISRUPTED and we should engage the current Covid pandemic situation with resilience and mindfulness. I have titled this first of a 2-part conversation as ‘The Un-Examined Life and The Power of Pause” which is so practical and helpful as I apply the principles to my own life and I hope you will too.

Christine Runyan is a Clinical Psychologist and Professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. She is a Certified Mindfulness Teacher. She co-founded and co-leads Tend Health, a clinical consulting practice focused on the mental well-being of health care practitioners. An amazing Clinician for such a time as this! 

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