“COVID-19 VIRUS IS MALEVONT!” Infectious Diseases Specialist Dr Timothy William talks to HEARTtalk host Plastic Surgeon Dr Charles Lee about his personal experience in treating Covid-19 patients in Sabah, Malaysia. “As a nation, this infectious disease is nothing that we have faced before. It is a shared suffering, a shared tragedy, that the entire human race is facing. It is a battle between us, the human race, and the virus.” “The scale that Covid-19 has inflicted injury and death in this country is unimaginable. The virus is malevolent. The patient is totally isolated and separated from the family. They cannot even see the doctor or nurses face completely because of our protective attire. They need huge emotional support.” “As a doctor, as a caregiver and as a front-liner, the feeling is heart wrenching, heart breaking and surreal.” Listen to the full interview with Dr Timothy Williams (48 mins) on the extent of virulence of the Covid disease, availability of vaccines and how we need to take care of our own health and that of our fellow family, friends and community at large.

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